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We offer a full line of Agricultural Insurance for Farmers and Ranchers .  Look at what some of our customers have to say!

If you're interested in purchasing PRF (Pasture, Rangeland and Forage) Insurance, I would highly recommend Kelly.  She has been very helpful and available when I have had questions and/or concerns about the program.  She would answer them or find the answer and get back to me.  Kelly has been very helpful every step along the way.
Bill Gardner
Estancia, NM

Kelly of Kelly Newton Insurance Agency, Inc. is very professional and does a very good job at presenting the facts to me, both good and bad.  The PRF (pasture insurance) is a good program and has been profitable for me ever since I have been insured.  I have been in the program for several years and I am way ahead on the premium vs. payouts, giving me the dollars to buy hay and/or lease pastures elsewhere during this drought.  I really like the way Kelly Newton Insurance Agency, Inc. sends a print out immediately when each period is posted whether I am insured or not.  This keeps me informed of the latest data.  Kelly does a great job of giving me all the information allowing me to choose the best options available for my ranches.  She also is constantly keeping me informed of what is going on with the program, which I really find very helpful.  I would recommend Kelly to any rancher wanting to purchase the PRF insurance.
Jimmy Sterling
West Texas Rancher 

"Kelly Newton is very professional.  No one works harder or understands the Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage insurance program better.  It has been a pleasure working with her and I will continue to use the program as a risk management tool for future years if it is available."

Jim McMath
Lucy, NM

Kelly is the best and most knowledgeable ranch insurance agent around. Kelly's advice is "spot on". I would recommend her and her agency to anyone who is interested in the pasture insurance. It has paid off very well in the intervals that Kelly recommended.

Brett Sterling
Tatum, NM
New Mexico and Texas Rancher

"I also wanted to return thanks to you for all you do each year to support my farm.  Without crop insurance, I would not have been able to continue working the land my grandfather provided me.  A BIG THANKS TO YOU."
David Fuessel
Eola, TX

"Kelly and Sherry are always friendly and willing to help you. I will continue to insure my farms and ranches with Kelly Newton Insurance for many years to come."
Big Spring, Texas
"Kelly is knowledgeable and friendly.  She knows and cares about her policyholders and their need to have risk management tools.  She tends to business efficiently and quickly.  I don't have to worry about my insurance needs with Kelly as my agent."


H. Harris
Andrews, TX
West Texas Rancher

"Great Insurance and a friendly agent".

K. Thomas
Big Spring, TX

"Love the Pasture, Rangeland and Forage Insurance, will continue to purchase it!"

D. Bales

As a farmer, in today’s economic climate, it is becoming very difficult to find true value. That value being the return in the farmer’s pocket for the dollars spent. When I found the Kelly Newton Insurance Agency I found true value for my dollars spent. That value was in a service orientated business in which the customer comes first. Service becomes important in the crop insurance arena at the most critical time in a farmer’s situation, that being at a crop loss. The pressure is tremendous and the economic impact can be devastating to the farmer. The Kelly Newton Insurance Agency helps a farmer get through this tough time with the highest professional service and with the newest crop insurance products on the market to help the farmer recover his loss and stay in business. I am in a position to be in contact with other farmers, crop insurance agents, and other agriculture professionals, The Kelly Newton Insurance Agency is known through out and respected in these agriculture circles for their service and dedication to the farmer. I have been insured through the Kelly Newton Insurance Agency for many years and I will continue to place my crop insurance business in their hands to get me through the tough times come hail or high water.
Joe D. Barnes, President 2 B Farms, Inc.